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Sarah Michelle Winn
Wife, Mother, LMT & Certified Coach

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Facial Treatments
The "Original" Facial
Uses a mixture of Redman's Clay, Essential Oils, and Apple Cider Vinegar to draw out all the toxins and open the pores. Your face will feel soft and look clear with a soft glow. You will be amazed to look 5 maybe even 10 years younger!

30 min. $45.00

Deep Hydration & Soothing Facial
This is a great combination for everyone who has dry skin or just wants to feel the benefits of soft hydrated glowing skin. The combination of products, massage, and facial steamer will help surface lines become less visible and will leave your face and neck feeling fresh and hydrated.

45 min. $55.00
Aromas Fantasy Facial
This exotic and aromatic mixture or rich minerals and trace elements helps to purify both normal and oily skin while the aroma evokes feelings of relaxation and overall well being.

45 min. $55.00

Lymphatic Drainage Mud Facial (Very Detoxifying!)
We have several important lymph glands in our head, face, and neck. It is very important to drain the stored toxins that can get stored causing fat deposits, wrinkles, headaches and more. This facial also aids by minimizing the appearance of large pores, draws out impurities & exfoliates the skin. Resulting an exceptional glowing, more youthful, toned appearance with the look and feel of an instant face lift.

50 min. $60.00
Japanese Facial
The Japanese facial promotes circulation to the entire face by using vigorous motion and acupressure points; it not only stimulates circulation that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness, it also stimulates the lungs and lymph systems to release toxins so you have a fresh glow. This session uses chemical free products, professional steam machine and hot towels .Your face will glow and you will feel very relaxed.

50 min. $60.00

Naturally Ageless Facial
This facial is specially developed to help address thesigns up aging, naturally. A certain line of product is used along with specific massage techniques to bring down puffiness and dimminish the appearance of lines. Enjoy the aromas of pomegranate while being pampered and taken to a state of pure bliss!

50 min. $60.00