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Sarah Michelle Winn
Wife, Mother, LMT & Certified Coach

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Body Treatments
Natural Detox Salt and Sugar Scrubs/Glows
Overexposure to either heat or cold can cause the skin on your body to become dry, scaly, flaky and itchy. Body scrubs/Polishes remove the dead skin making room for new skin that is silky soft. They also provided a soothing massage and an excellent method of pressure point stimulation. By bringing blood and nutrients to the surface. After the scrub removed you will be slathered in a creamy & organic body butter leaving your skin soft and glowing.

40 minutes $50.00

Beautiful Back Treatment
Your back will glow with the pampering of a specific mask, exfoilation, and massage that will open up the pores and leave you tingling!

50 minutes $65.00
Body Mask
You will be brushed with a customized mask of your choice and Wrapped up in a warm cocoon of blankets while you receive a foot and scalp massage. Afterwards your body will be slathered with a creamy organic body lotion. Leaving you skin silky smooth.

60 minutes $75.00

~Moisturizing Body Mask
-Perfect for sensitive skin for dry climates. Combination of oils and powders that work together to create a silky soft skin.
~Leg Thinning & Calming Varicose Vein Relief Mask-Cooling and Refreshing to weary legs. The pure essential oils help with the venotonic activity. You will then receive a cream massaged onto your legs helping to diminish unwanted spider veins.

~Marine Algae Body Masque-
High-potency, fortifying anti-oxidant algaes and essential oils seep into the undernourished skin renewing its strength and vitality leaving it soft and supple. Lavender essential oil, chamomile, marigold, lime and cornflower extracts are infused into a marine algae, kelp and glycerin base designed to soothe and heal
M'lis Contour Body Wrap
Formulated with pure and natural ingredients which gently and safely detoxifies the tissues under the skin to rid the body of trapped wastes by helping to stimulate the body's eliminatory functions by increasing circulation, lymphatic cleansing, and controlling edema. It restores elasticity, helps diminish cellulite, and contours problem areas of the body. It promotes healthy and permanent inch loss through body cleansing while maintaining proper hydration.

90-120 min. Single Wrap-90-120 minutes $80.00/ Series of 3 wraps-$225.00(*Recommended)

*Add Exfoiliation for $5.00
Hot Oil Herbal Body Wrap
Once the body is gently dry brushed for exfoiliation, a short Swedish massage is performed to apply a blend of specific oils and herbs and then the you are wrapped in breathable cotton. The client will then sit in the Infrared Sauna to help stimulate the lymphatic system and open up the pores.

60 min. $80.00
Can Choose from: *Detoxification Blend *Relaxation Blend*Anti-Depressive Blend*Weight Loss Blend

Seaweed Body Wrap
This wrap has detoxifying Properties of Sea Algae and ex foliating benefits of brewer's yeast. This is a very relaxing and pampering wrap and ideal for cellulite treatments, stimulate circulation and aids in the breakup of fatty deposits. The Infrared Sauna is incorporated into this treatment to bring even more results then before!

60 min. $80.00
Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap
The composition of the Dead Sea is extremely unique. It contains the highest levels of magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromides, sulfates and other minerals in comparison to any other body of salt water in the world, including oceans! The natural mineral content actually causes a "thermal" sensation on the body. After only 1-2 applications, it is not uncommon for the skin to appear more tone & firm. The Infrared Sauna is incorporated into this treatment to bring even more results then before!

60 min. $80.00

See Results Foot Treatment
This Rejuvenating pedicure will make you walk away feeling like your on top of the world again. This foot treatment includes a hot steamy foot soak in Green Tea and Mint Salts, Foot/Leg scrub to help exfoliate all the dead skin, an amazing foot and leg massage, a tingling Foot Mask, Peppermint/Green Tea foot Wraps, and a clear coat of polish to make those toes shine naturally.

35-40 min. $45.00
See Results Hand Treatment
Give those tired hands a rest with a soak, mask, scrub and massage leaving you refreshed and hands as soft as satin!

30-40 min. $40.00

Ear Candling & Aromatherapy
The burning candle acts like a chimney and draws from the ear. The drawing effect, plus the warmth of the candle relax the body, thus giving back to the body the ability to heal itself. Once relaxed, the body starts to function naturally to heal itself, the wax starts to move again, the circulation returns to the whole head area. The use of Aromatherapy is incorporated into the treatment to give the ultimate benefits.

40-50 min. $45.00
Sugar Lips
Your lips will receive a sugar lip scrub, lip masque, and mango butter lip quencher leaving you with the softest luscious lips imaginable. You will also receive a neck a scalp massage.

20 minutes $30.00
Infrared Sauna Room
An infrared Sauna is one of the most powerful and healing things a person can do on their journey of health and wellness. Some of the benefits of sitting in a Sauna room are: Increases circulation, helps with chronic pain, burns 200-600 calories in 30 minutes, decreases cellulite, removes toxins, clears skin from acne and other skin problems, helps post work out with decreasing lactic acid build up...and the list goes on. The infrared sauna is a lot more powerful than the average sauna for example in a regular sauna a person looses 3% toxins and the rest is water and in a infrared a person looses 20% toxins! Because it is so much stronger I recommend that people start out with 15 min. sessions and work their way up to 30 min. even if they are used to regular sauna sitting.
Price with any service:
15 min session $7.00
30 min session $10.00

Pass of 10 - 15 min. sessions $5.00 each ($50 total)
Pass of 10 - 30 min. sessions $8.00 each ($80 total)

Price with no extra Massage & Bodywork Service:

15 min session $10.00
30 min session $15.00

Pass of 10-15 min sessions $8.00each ($80 total) Pass of 10-30 min session $13.00 each ($130 total)

(No transferring is allowed with your sauna passes to other services once the discounted pass in purchased.  Passes expire after 1 year from date of purchase)